Work continues at the “Severi” in Gioia Tauro, Versace: “Objective to improve the complex of structures dedicated to education”


By John

The metropolitan deputy mayor Carmelo Versace carried out an inspection on the construction site of the new “Severi” school in Gioia Tauro. «The works – explained Versace – delivered last July, continue without any particular problems. It is with great pleasure, therefore, that I had the opportunity to appreciate the efforts of the workers and workers of the company in charge, concentrated as much as possible to expand what is a fundamental educational center for the Gioia Tauro Plain and for the entire metropolitan area” .

In fact, in the modernization of the “Severi”, Palazzo Alvaro invested 3.3 million euros to «demolish part of the building and build, alongside, a brand new one with all the possible comforts and the most modern safety standards» .

«Together with the mayor Giuseppe Falcomatà – added Carmelo Versace – we have set ourselves the objective of comprehensively improving the complex of structures dedicated to the education and training of our young people. The result will be to have schools that are in step with the times from every point of view, primarily the structural one because it is mandatory to guarantee absolute safety in a particularly sensitive and fragile area like ours.” From seismic adaptation to meticulous attention to every technical detail, nothing is left to chance: «The Construction sector, led by manager Giuseppe Mezzatesta, is truly carrying out an exceptional job, thanks also to the contribution of Rup Francesco Rigoli. This heavy commitment deserves the highest possible prominence so that it can quickly translate into effective feedback from our communities.”

«In particular – the deputy mayor recalled – the “Severi” institute, designed by Agis srl, will become a real flagship for the entire metropolitan area with its 21 new classrooms, some of which are designed in a modular way which, if necessary, can be transformed into even larger spaces and with five laboratories that will support internal teaching. New areas for learning, therefore, and dynamic environments that meet the needs of new teaching methods with innovative and multifunctional places in which to foster harmonious and democratic relationships between young people and adults, counteracting the alienating influences of contemporary society”.

«Here – added Versace – we want to create a place where constant relationships can be built with the external environment to develop the concept of the school as an “open house”, in continuity with the surrounding environments. Furthermore, the “Severi” will be an energy-sustainable building with high energy efficiency».

At the basis of the strategy, however, there is always the institutional synergy which “represents the extra element that qualifies and elevates every public work”.
«The idea – reiterated Versace – was born from a close dialogue which, in every phase of the project, never failed and which saw our offices constantly dialogue with the Municipality of Gioia Tauro, the representatives of the school and the families of the students. Only together, in fact, can we achieve the best goals, can we attack critical issues by understanding the strengths to push on and the weaknesses to address and resolve.”

«The construction site – concluded the deputy mayor of the Metropolitan City – has been operational since the middle of last year and will have a total duration of 547 days. Once this period of time has passed, we will be able to give substance to the dream of seeing “Severi” as a small city within the city placed at the service of its citizens”.