Yaffa, the 85-year-old Israeli grandmother kidnapped by Hamas and displayed as a trophy


By John

The videos circulating online are frightening, with the ferocity also unleashed against children and the elderly. “This is my grandmother and she was captured and taken to Gaza,” wrote Adva Adar on social media, publishing the image of a lady with a proud look, taken away by terrorists who entered her kibbutz. «Her name is Yaffa Adar and he is 85 years old.” In a video shared by the journalist from Ynetnews Emily Schradera family of husband, wife and two children are sitting on the ground in a house, held hostage by Palestinian militiamen, while explosions and machine gun fire ring out outside.

The eldest daughter was killed in the raid: “I wanted her to live, is there a chance she could come back?” the little brother asks his mother desperately. “No,” she replies in a chilling exchange. Then a strong barrage of bullets is heard outside and the two parents throw themselves on their children, covering them with their bodies to protect them at the cost of their lives.