“You decided our fate.” The traders of Vibo don't agree and launch a flash mob


By John

“The trade in the historic center of Vibo Valentiadies under the blows of the obvious inadequacy of the city administration, of the inability to know how to weigh decisions and initiatives aimed at bringing sociality back to the main streets of the city center. Which infrastructure project can be considered valid if the price to pay is that of a storefront that closes? You had the fate of our activities in your hands and you chose to remain attached to the armchair of the municipal house rather than go among the people and listen to the cry of suffering of dozens of small businesses”.

This is what we read in a note from the newly formed traders' association “Vitrine Vibonesi” signed by

“We say enough! The Vibo traders take back their destiny. Flash mob of the Vibo traders. The Vibo Vetrine Association warmly invites all communication agencies and local media to attend and give media coverage to the Flash Mob organized by the Vibo traders Valentia. The event will be held on Friday morning 7 June, from 9:00 to 9:30, on Corso Vittorio Emanuele III and Corso Umberto”.

Purpose of the event

“The Flash Mob was born from the urgency of drawing attention to the chronic lack of parking in the city centre, to the road network compromised by numerous construction sites and to the consequent decline in commercial activities. The traders intend to raise awareness among the municipal administration and public opinion on these problems which are seriously threatening the economic vitality of the city of Vibo Valentia. We believe that the voice of traders must be heard and that the institutions must take concrete measures to resolve these critical issues”.