Young man caught burning special waste in Savoca


By John

On charges of illicit combustion of special waste, a young foreign citizen was reported by the Carabinieri of Sant'Alessio Siculo (ME) after being caught destroying, by setting fire to, a pile of waste which, from the checks carried out, appeared to constitute from plastic material, wooden doors and more.

It all happened yesterday morning 3 March 2024 when a patrol, engaged in a territorial control service, spotted a cloud of black smoke coming from the Passo Riva area in the Municipality of Savoca. The timely intervention, in addition to allowing the alleged perpetrator who was later identified to be stopped, allowed the police to put out the flames, avoiding more serious consequences for the environment given that the fire had been started in an area surrounded by houses.
Once the investigations were completed, the military reported the young man to the Judicial Authority. The area affected by the flames has been cleaned up.