Zelensky: “Remove Russia’s veto power in the UN Security Council. Moscow must withdraw from Ukraine, including Crimea”


By John

The Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky he said that the presence of the Russia to the Security Council it is “illegitimate”, and “the veto power in the hands of the aggressor is what has pushed the UN into this stalemate”. Speaking at the CDS summit on Ukraine, Zelensky stressed that “in case of mass atrocities the veto power should be suspended and the UN General Assembly should have the power to override the veto.”

Furthermore, Zelensky reminded the UN Security Council that the Ukrainian peace formula provides for the territorial integrity of the country and therefore speaks of “cleansing the territory of the occupier”.
«It must be done according to international law», explained Zelensky, «and therefore with the complete withdrawal of Russian troops, military formations, including the Black Sea Fleet and the withdrawal of all mercenary and paramilitary forces from all the territory within the recognized borders internationally”, therefore also Crimea.

Guterres: Shocking evidence of Russian crimes in Ukraine

«Evidence of widespread and shocking human rights violations has been documented, including conflict-related sexual violence, arbitrary detentions, summary executions, mostly by Russia, and the forcible transfer of Ukrainian civilians, including children, to the territory under Russian control or in Russia.” UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said this to the Security Council on Ukraine. “These documents are vital to calling for accountability, which is fundamental to all human rights violations,” he added.