“Zona falcata – rebirth of Messina”: at the “Caio Duilio” institute a debate on the future of the area


By John

Tomorrow, at 10 am, in the Flag Hall of Palazzo Zanca, the debate conference “Zona falcata – rebirth of Messina” will be held, organized by the IIS “Caio Duilio” and moderated by Prof. Arch. Benedetto La Macchiaduring which a film on the topic will be screened, created by the journalist of the Gazzetta del Sud, Alessandro Tumino.

At the end, a debate is planned with the protagonists of the future of the Falcata area, a place that contains the symbols of the physical and invisible city, which wants to reclaim its privileged relationship with the sea and reaffirm its history in a major way. Among others, the superintendent will participate Mirella Vinci, the mayor of Messina Federico Basilethe superintendent of studies Stello Vadalathe president of the Order of Architects of Messina Pino Falzeathe editor-in-chief of Gazzetta del Sud Lucio D'Amico.