Cetraro, earthquake in the council: mayor Cennamo cancels all delegations


By John

The mayor of Cetraro, Ermanno Cennamo, after the various political and administrative steps that have taken place in recent weeks, he has decided to eliminate the delegations to the councilors and city councilors, confirming what Gazzetta has already anticipated days ago. “Despite being far away, I am carefully following the political dynamics that parties and movements have brought forward – he, in fact, explained in a note released this evening – despite my forced distance.
I have thought a lot in recent days and I have invited, without hiding behind a finger, the majority city councilors to continue the path undertaken in 2020, despite the knowledge that my absence is causing fibrillations and misunderstandings.
I asked them to defend the consolidated heritage that we have put in place and to work for the exclusive interest of the city.
We are all aware of the difficulties that families, the elderly and companies are experiencing in this period determined by the economic and values ​​crisis.”
I appreciated the behavior of some councilors and the deputy mayor – added the mayor of Cetrara – who, responsibly, informed me that, to facilitate the political debate, they would be willing to resign into my hands.
In recent years we have tried to work assiduously to carry out public works, social and cultural initiatives without ever thinking about the next municipal elections.
The citizens will then, as reiterated several times, decide the future.
It is my duty to publicly thank once again all the majority councilors and municipal councilors, who with enthusiasm, determination and courage, have conducted, in these long and interminable months of absence, every useful initiative to safeguard the interest of the community.
Just as we must thank the minority council members for never lacking the necessary political support on strategic issues. And the election of the president of the city council is proof of this.
However, considering my absence, in full autonomy, I have decided to eliminate all delegations to city councilors and aldermen, with the promise of starting a personal round of consultations.
This intervention is necessary to re-establish the fragmented and anomalous political framework that has been created.
It is therefore necessary to clarify in order to continue moving forward without primogeniture or subterfuge.
A painful choice, which I would never have wanted to make and which I am sure will give new and exciting impetus to the days to come.”