A child lived in a house with 30 dead dogs. A couple in their 30s arrested for cruelty to animals


By John

Two people in New Jersey were arrested on charges of animal cruelty and endangering the welfare of a child after police found during a check the 9-year-old who lived in a house with 30 dead dogs.

Rebeccah Halbach, 35, and Brandon Leconey, 32, ended up in handcuffs after Evesham police attended the property to investigate a report of suspected animal cruelty from a witness who had seen sick and malnourished animals. In the house the officers found animals and the minor in “despicable conditions”. “There are live dogs in cages, dead dogs in cages and everywhere,” said the town’s police chief, Walt Miller, explaining that “behind the house there was also a burial site with a large number of dogs at various levels of decomposition”. According to the police, at least 100 dogs died in the house, while 14 were found alive, but one was euthanized. The child was taken away and entrusted to the care of social services.