Towards the manoeuvre, Meloni: “On cuneo and family we are not stopping, but we are strengthening”


By John

“Minister Giorgetti will take stock and outline the overall framework within which we move and will move. I intend to limit myself to some reflections and indications. The next budget law must be serious, as last year’s was, to support growth, help the weakest groups, give impetus to those who produce and put money in the pockets of families and businesses“.

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said this when speaking about the maneuver in the Council of Ministers. Melons: “On cuneo and family we don’t stop but we strengthen

“The first appointment we have before us is the writing of the budget law, the most political of the laws that a government can make”. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said this when opening the meeting. Last year, the energy emergency “absorbed two thirds of the budget”, but “this did not prevent us from sending some important signals and tracing a direction: I am thinking of the cut in the tax wedge or the resources that we have chosen to allocate to family, starting with the increase in the single allowance. Measures that have traced a direction. A direction that we must now consolidate and strengthen”