A digital museum of the Bronzes in Riace: tomorrow Giancarlo Giannini for the inauguration


By John

Tomorrow, Friday 3 May at 5.30 pm, in the Riace train station area, the inauguration of the first innovative, modern museum built in Riace will be held, in the places in front of the waters where the Bronzes were found.

The work, financed by the Municipality by the Culture sector of the Calabria Region as part of the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the discovery of the Bronzes, is also presented to the scientific community as the next location of an important study center which will annually host conference events, also to point on the ongoing archaeological research dedicated to the Bronzes.

Following this, a public cultural meeting will be held during which, after the greetings of the vice president with responsibility for culture, and the mayor of Riace, Antonio Trifoli, experts and professors of clear international fame who are following the archaeological investigations on the seabed will intervene of Riace. On the occasion of the event they will illustrate to the public the evolution and developments of scientific research.

After Maria Mallemace, regional secretary of the Ministry of Culture for Calabria, speakers will be Luigi Fozzati, director of the Italian Underwater Humid Archeology Unit, Maurizio Paoletti, president of the Unical museum system, Eligio Daniele Castrizio, professor at the University of Calabria of Messina-department of ancient and modern civilisations, Pietro Melia, Journalist.

The initiative will be moderated by the journalist Paolo Di Giannantonio. The informative scientific talk will be interspersed with theatrical readings dedicated to the Riace Bronzes by the actor Giancarlo Giannini and by musical pieces by the soprano Maria Pia Piscitelli, accompanied by the philharmonic orchestra of Maestro Filippo Arlia. The event will be filmed at times by the Rai1 program “Unomattina”.

Before the inauguration of the Digital Room, Giancarlo Giannini will visit the National Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria, accompanied by the vice-president of the Calabria Region and the director of the Museum Fabrizio Sudano.