Vibo, Limardo says goodbye: “I leave a more livable city”. But the critical issues remain: escalator, degradation in the hamlets and theater inaugurated and then closed VIDEO


By John

Less than 40 days before the vote, the mayor of Vibo Maria Limardo presented his end-of-term report. From urban regeneration with the many construction sites underway, to the Authority's accounts being put in order, from a city which in 2019 when it was established was prey to decay and rubbish and which today instead offers citizens a clean place with separate waste collection which achieved efficient numbers. He presented facts and figures to Maria Limardo. Results which, however, did not allow her to obtain reconfirmation from the centre-right coalition that chose her in 2019. At a certain point in recent months, the impression was that she wanted to move forward at all costs, then took a step back: “I realized that there wasn't the enthusiasm of 2019 around me. I have to feel wanted and that wasn't the case.”

When asked why she was not present at the press conference to present the centre-right candidate Cosentino, she replied: “I was not invited”. Among the critical issues that emerged during the legislature, marked by the maxi Rinascita Scott investigation and by Covid, were the failure to open the escalator, the archaeological park that never took off, the urban park left abandoned. And then the case of the theatre, inaugurated with great fanfare last December 30th with the announcement of the theater season managed by the Parioli theater in Rome, the frantic race, to use a euphemism, to get to the “premiere” on February 14th and then the block with a cfr structure lacks the necessary certifications. Fiery controversies in the city and on social media and the end of the race for a mayor who had won five years ago with almost 60% and who then lost his bearings along the way without finding it again.