A missing woman “found” still clothed in the belly of a five-meter python. Tragedy in Indonesia


By John

A woman reported missing has been “found”, still clothed, in the belly of a five-metre python. This was reported by a village head in central Indonesia.

The disappearance on Thursday of Farida (45), a mother of four, was reported by her husband and since then searches had been launched in the area around the village of Kalempang, in the province of South Sulawesi.

The woman, reports the official, Suardi Rosi, was found yesterday inside the reticulated python, about five meters long, still fully dressed.

In 2018, a 54-year-old woman was found dead inside a seven-meter python in the city of Muna, southeast Sulawesi. The previous year, a farmer in West Sulawesi was eaten by a four-meter python on a palm oil plantation. Such incidents, however, continue to be quite rare.