A “sinister” shadow over the Region, the Stasi factor hovers over the next few years' vote. And he celebrates… with mother Lidia's tagliatelle VIDEO


By John

There is a “sinister” shadow that is lengthening over the next Regionals. Let's be clear, the vote is so far away (well into 2026, in light of the election of Eyed in October 2021) that talking about competition today is premature. But we know, especially those who “chase” (in this case the centre-left) need to move in time. And then underestimate the phenomenon Flavio Stasi it could be an assist to the competition. The first test of strength, albeit indirect, with the centre-right leaders (the President of the Region took to the field in person to plead the cause of Pasqualina Straface) was won and the new mayor of Corigliano Rossano himself took a few pebbles off his shoe. “It is he, certainly not me, who has betrayed his institutional role to become party secretary,” said Stasi, referring to Occhiuto. Then he literally dove into the midst of his people. Many, many ordinary people, families, friends, supporters, councilors and outgoing councillors. Few “party” faces. He glossed over, or rather forcefully rejected, the topic of the next Regional elections and not only because the horizon is so broad (two and a half years) as to discourage any hypothesis: at the basis there is the desire not to betray the electorate by jumping off the boat before it arrives at the port of the tenth year as mayor of the much reviled unique city. And the centre-left? He is cautious. Very cautious. Both Iacucci (present in Corigliano Rossano and very critical of the Democratic Party) and other representatives did not go too far, recalling the need to find themselves as a coalition before launching the 2026 electoral sprint by proposing names. But Stasi is a factor, without a doubt. And underestimating it, both for those on one side and the other, could be a risk. In the meantime, he starts again from five. Like the years already spent as the first tenant of Palazzo Bianchi. And he starts again at his house, because mother Lidia Gradilone prepared him tagliatelle straw and hay with cream and ham. Her favorite pasta dish. Complete with a final shoe to give more flavor to the victory.