“Act IV” investigation, entrepreneurs in Reggio who are victims or accomplices of the clans


By John

On the one hand the entrepreneurs harassed by the Libri gang, on the other those who did business with that clan in Reggio. In the middle is the anti-mafia prosecutor who encourages those who are being extorted to report: «Whoever chooses to be with the ‘Ndrangheta is a loser» warn the investigators, in the press conference held after the execution of the “Act Four” investigation.
In the operation carried out at dawn last Wednesday by the flying squad, the «criminal dynamism of the Libri gang is highlighted… and its stable dedication to extortion against entrepreneurs and traders, as well as its ability to penetrate the world of ‘entrepreneurship and politics’ emerged in various investigations coordinated by the anti-mafia prosecutor’s office.
In essence, the results of many proceedings have described the existence and operation of the city’s crime, made up of a myriad of families whose objectives also include “the establishment of a common fund, into which the proceeds of extortion flow, so as to allow, among other things, the payment of legal fees to affiliates… for the systematic imposition of “pizzo” on entrepreneurs operating in the area of ​​influence, through the typical creeping threat, i.e. not made explicit either with words or necessarily with intimidating acts, but, fueled by the belonging of the person making it, known to the victim or appropriately publicised, to an organization deemed capable of violent actions; for the protection granted to companies in compliance with the ”set up”; for the exercise by the most representative affiliates”. Within this complex world, made up of unspoken words, of surnames and affiliations to show and more or less explicit threats, there are also entrepreneurs who not only come to terms with the clans, but even do business. In “Act Four” two of them ended up in prison on charges of mafia association. Nunzio Magno, «operational manager in the areas of Reggio Calabria and Asti of the company Psc Spa (engaged in plant engineering and construction activities, for the construction and installation of electromechanical, thermal, electronic and telematic systems and systems) – stipulated an agreement with the top exponents of the gang (most recently with Edoardo Magiola, in continuity with what already agreed with his predecessors), on the basis of which the company Psc Spa undertook to comply with the indications of the mafia group regarding the identification of the workers to be hired and the companies to which to entrust subcontracts; in exchange, Magno obtained the protection of the gang to guarantee his intervention for the resolution of problems of any nature that could arise on construction sites, the possibility of “fixing” the extortions coming from other criminal organizations and, more generally, the implementation disposition of the entire mafia coterie”.