Actors and directors from Cosenza Mazzotta and Nudo together for “Radio Argo al Cretto”


By John

Two talents from Cosenza. Clean Nudeactor, director, author from Rende, is the founder of the historic company “TeatroRossosimona” which for more than twenty years has been producing shows of the highest level awarded by Italian critics; Peppino Mazzotta, actor, author, director and writer (two active books and others to be published) is a well-known face not only to theater audiences but also to television and cinema audiences. Both the one (Nudo) and the other (Mazzotta) have Calabria in their heart and they spend a lot to enhance its cultural and artistic heritage. Together, now, they are launching a show of admirable workmanship on national stages, from the point of view of the text and the directing and scenic structuring: it’s called “Radio Argo al Cretto” and will make its debut next Friday in the rich program of the Orestiadi in Gibellina. An interesting and unedited project that re-proposes the pièce “Radio Argo”, winner of the Critics Award in 2011, in a new version designed specifically to be performed at the Cretto di Burri, a work of environmental art signed by Alberto Burri created in the place where the old city of Gibellina, in the province of Trapani.
It is always directed and interpreted by Peppino Mazzotta, with whom the company led by Lindo Nudo – as already mentioned – has had an artistic collaboration for years.
“Radio Argo al Cretto” is a performance for voice and music, a rewriting of the Oresteia by the poet and playwright Igor Esposito. This courageous dramaturgical undertaking is a dense score with a strong libertarian and rebellious vocation which, however, is miraculously faithful to the classical reference materials.
The text rattles off its version of the facts through six direct testimonies which, in chronological order and far from any whim of updating, retrace the events preceding and following the best known and most celebrated war in the history of humanity: the war waged by the Achaeans against city ​​of Troy. The first is that of Iphigenia, the last that of Orestes. In between are those of Aegisthus, Clytemnestra, Agamemnon and Cassandra. Six ghosts who come back to life, who come back in voice, to explain the arcane past we come from and the tragic present in which we navigate. The pièce is enriched by the original music by Massimo Cordovani performed live with Mario Di Bonito and by the live post-production of the sounds curated by Andrea Ciacchini. Another prestigious result along the artistic and professional path of the Teatro Rossosimona company, which just in July crossed the significant milestone of 25 years of activity.