Squillace, presented “Ottomani sul Strait”: the book by four former journalists of Gazzetta del Sud


By John

The book “Ottomani sul Strait. Nothing is as it seems” was presented in Squillace, in the evocative setting of the Castle. Authors of the volume four journalists, who have all worked for the newspaper “Gazzetta del Sud”, Aldo Mantineo, Marcello Mento, Vinicio Leonetti And Davide Marchetta, for years in service in the editorial offices of Sicily and Calabria of the newspaper, and who have written eight stories that have the Strait of Messina as their leitmotif. A dialogue in Squillace with three of the authors, Mantineo, Mento and Leonetti, the journalist Carmela Commodarowhich organizes the cultural event “Alla Corte dei Borgia” every summer.
“Ottomans on the Strait”, published by “Citt√† del Sole Edizioni” of Reggio Calabria, collects a mix of striking facts that really happened and reconstructions resulting from the free imagination of the authors. They range from a real non-imaginary “Band of journalists” and a real “Lover of the boss”, to the story of a murder, “Micio Pinto, the man who lived three times”, and to the courageous legend of the “Captain Zani”. During the meeting, the “dark future” of information, the new frontiers of the web and artificial intelligence were discussed.
The interventions of the authors were interspersed with some musical pieces interpreted by the singer-songwriter Tony Schito. The next presentation of “Ottomani sul Strait” is scheduled for August 22 in the Aragonese Castle of Reggio Calabria.