Airport, the numbers of success a great opportunity for Reggio


By John

It is a golden moment for Reggio Calabria airport. The arrival of Ryanair has increased not only the number of national and international routes from the “Tito Minniti”, but also the attention towards the Strait airport. Less than two weeks after the first flight of the Irish low-cost airline from Reggio Calabria, on 25 April, the president of the Calabria Region Roberto Occhiuto has called a press conference this morning in which they will also participate Eddie WilsonCEO of Ryanair, and the sole director of Sacal Marco Franchini.
Since his inauguration, Governor Occhiuto has decided to play part of his political credibility in the relaunch of the Strait Airport. He did it with words and also with deeds, despite the skepticism of many. First by choosing the manager Marco Franchini to lead the company that manages the Calabrian airports; then looking for the necessary funding to ensure the relaunch of the airport. Finally, by signing the agreement that brought the Irish giant to the shores of the Strait and always being able to also count on the presence of Ita, which allows daily connections with Rome and Milan, airports that connect with the whole world.