Akademia Messina, everything easy with Montecchio: victory in three sets


By John

Ramonda Montecchio-Akademia City of Messina 0-3
Set: 12-25; 16-25; 22-25
Ipag S.Lle Ramonda Montecchio: Carraro 2, Gueli (l), Napodano (l), Mazzon ne, Bellia 7, Malvicini 0, Arciprete 9, Botezat 8, Pandolfi 0, Caruso 4, Gabrielli 2, Mangani 6. Coach: Eraldo Buonavita.
Akademia City of Messina: Battista 11, Martinelli 5, Catania 1, Ciancio (l), Modestino 6, Felappi (l) ne, Mearini ne, Payne 15, Joly 5, Rossetto 5, Maggipinto (l), Galletti 0, Michelini ne. Coach: Fabio Bonafede.
Referees: Antonio Mazzarrà from Milan and Marco Laghi from Ravenna.
The Akademia Città di Messina opens the return of the Promotion Pool with a never-disputed victory on the Montecchio pitch. The difference in values ​​and perhaps also in motivations between the two teams at the PalaFerroli in San Bonifacio was too marked with coach Fabio Bonafede's girls finishing the match 3 to 0. The first two were completed with ease by the Akademia while in the third they allows a few too many distractions that Montecchio quickly seizes to keep up, but in the crucial phases captain Martinelli and his teammates place the necessary extension to avoid complications