Assault on a Penitentiary Police officer in Rossano prison


By John

New attack on a prison police officer in the Rossano prison. Mayor Osapp reports it. Late yesterday afternoon, the union reports, in the medium security department, a prisoner of Calabrian origin, «without any plausible reason, carried out an action, probably demonstrative, attacking a prison police superintendent, triggering and trying to involve the inmates of the department professionally well contained by the very few staff present on duty”.

«The colleague was promptly helped – he states Pasquale Montesano, assistant general secretary Osapp – was accompanied to the city hospital and discharged with a 7-day prognosis for bruises and injuries to his right arm and an ear”. «The penitentiary system in Calabria – continues the trade unionist – is collapsing with inadequate structures, poor staff training, inattention on the part of the political forces of yesterday and today. Life inside penitentiary institutions is reduced only to a scandal of the moment and a vehicle for political propaganda. But the emergency is now uncontrollable and focusing attention in a reasoned and concrete manner can no longer be extended. It is not trivial, but in the penitentiary system nothing or almost nothing works, given that crimes continue to be perpetrated in prisons and very often they are drug dealing centers that profit much more than outside and contacts with criminal organizations are maintained. Calabria needs a more massive presence of the State and not be a university of organized crime.”

«Our applause – concludes Montesano – continues to go to the men and women of the Penitentiary Police, who despite the critical issues of the moment, continue to ensure the maintenance of security and all the activities related to the prison. We hope that the political world, the leaders of the administration, will wake up from their comatose state and will be able with absolute priority to address the deficit of the penitentiary system on the national territory with absolute priority to Calabria and in this case to Rossano”.