Messina Street Food, in the heart of the village: all the delicacies of the houses


By John

The various delicacies on display at the Street Food of Messina. Our cameras take you inside the houses to let you discover what is so succulently prepared by the various exhibitors.

The diced tuna

The little house n° 50 with Francesco Arena and Carmelo Ferreri: diced tuna served in a sandwich with stracciatella, lettuce and a pepper and orange sauce. The tuna is pan-fried with a little oregano, salt and lemon zest.

The delicacies of the Old Cart

Sandwich with porchetta from black pigs raised in Caronia in a semi-wild state

The Principe Pane Bianco pastry shop

Here is a single portion, three chocolate mousse (white, milk, dark) with puffed rice brittle and Nutella. We are in the fourth generation, it all starts from my great-grandfather who was a candy maker and then my grandfather continued the family business.

Emiro’s black arancino

The new Sanremo arancino with Venere rice and inside pistachio pesto, whole toasted almonds and black truffle. And then the classic Nebrodi black gold with pork ragout, porcini cream soup and pistachio grains.

From Tuscany to Messina

A Chianina burger with typical Tuscan sauces: green sauce (parsley, basil, capers and anchovies) and garlic sauce which is a sauce made with a particular garlic, very sweet and more digestible.

The Fish Mar sandwich

Sandwich with “annamurato” swordfish, aubergines, olives, purple cabbage, iceberg, mint and clay sauce.


Popped mussels: a cooked mussel that retains all its organoleptic properties and with a much more intense flavour. It is presented to customers in a simple way with a few pieces of lemon.

Friscu Blue Oasis

The brioche with ice cream: pistachio, gianduia and hazelnut.

IIS Antonello

The students’ dish: rizzuola, the typical Palermo dish. Fried brioche stuffed with arancini ragù.