At 16 he invented his first language, ‘Valenx’


By John

At 16 he invented his first complete language, Valenx, now collected in a book on sale on Amazon. It is the story of Giulio Ferrarese, 16 year old student from Bagno a Ripoli, just outside Florence. Giulio attends the third year of the «Gobetti-Volta» scientific high school. When he grows up he wants to be a theoretical physicist but combines his passion for science with a passion for linguistics and glossopoiesis, the art of creating artificial languages ​​by developing their phonology and vocabulary. and grammar.

The best known glottothetes, explains a note, are JRR Tolkien, the author of “The Lord of the Rings” who created many languages, the creator of Esperanto Ludwik Lejzer Zamenhof, or Marc Okrand, inventor among other things of Klingon language for the «Star Trek» series. Artificial languages ​​arise for several reasons: to unite people, for linguistic experimentation, for artistic reasons or simply for fun.

In Giulio’s case the idea was born from curiosity for ways of communicating after studying the main linguistic systems of the world. «It’s very interesting to see how different languages ​​are and how they also develop based on the culture of a people – he explains -. Mine, which is called Valenx, i.e. ‘language of books’, was born for fun and is designed to be a very rational language but at the same time beautiful in sound, inserting some vowels and consonants of exotic inspiration.” The tongue, complete with grammar, phonology and a vocabulary of 3 thousand words is collected in a volume on sale on Amazon entitled «Valenx, a new language».