Crotone beats Picerno 2-1 and rises to ten points in the standings


By John


MARKERS: 5’pt Murano, 25’pt Gigliotti, 44’pt Gomez,

CROTONE (4-2-3-1): Dini 6.5; Leo 6, Loiacono 7 (36’st Bove sv), Gigliotti 7, Giron 6; Petriccione 7 (36’st Giannotti sv), Felippe 6.5 (15’st D’Errico 6.5) ; D’Ursi 6.5, Vitale 6 (23’st Di Stefano 6.5), Tribuzzi 6; Gomez 7 (15’st Tumminello 6). All. Zauli 6.5

PICERNO (4-2-3-1): Merelli 6.5; Pagliai 6.5 (12’st Ceccarelli 6), Garcia 5.5, Allegretto 5.5 (1’st Gilli 6), Guerra 5.5; De Ciancio 6, Gallo 6.5; Vitali 6 (1’st De Cristofaro 6), Graziani 6 (35’st Diop sv), Esposito E. 6.5 (24’st Maiorino 6); Murano 6.5. All. Longo 6

REFEREE: Ubaldi of Rome 1 5.5

WARNED: Pagliai, Esposito E., Tribuzzi,


Tickets no. 635 grossing 3,838.00

Subscribers 3,341 with an accrual of 10,710.69

Total titles 3,976 collections 14,548.69

Corners: 6-3

Recovery: 1’pt, 5’st

Crotone beats Picerno with a result of 2-1 and rises to ten points in the standings. The match was immediately uphill for the Pythagoreans who found themselves behind after just 5′ with Murano’s goal. But the true team can be seen in moments of difficulty and this time Crotone reacted first by equalizing in the 25th minute thanks to Captain Gigliotti’s goal and in the 44th minute Gomez sealed the final 2-1. In the second half the hosts tried on several occasions to close the match with the third goal, but even the skill of the visiting goalkeeper did not allow this. The sharks win three fundamental points for the standings but above all for morale.