At the Vittorio Emanuele in Messina precious clothes return to the scene with “Restauriamo Atto II”


By John

Enhance scenic art, recovering the most precious things preserved among the “plots” of works that tell stories of real life, outside of time and space. This is the goal of “Restauriamo – Atto II”, the show directed by Vincenzo Tripodo which will be held on Saturday at 8.30 pm at the Vittorio Emanuelepromoted by the Lions Host and Leo service clubs, in collaboration with L'Ente Teatro, ActorGym and Oltredanza.

The key to understanding the event is the restoration of four of the precious stage costumes belonging to the very precious and little-known heritage of the Vittorio Emanuele theatre, supported by the clubs with the consultancy of the historic head of the “costumes” sector Nunzio Laganà. These are three pieces created by the Oscar winner Maurizio Millenotti for the 2001 show “Medea” and a fourth designed in 2000 by the costume designer Angela Buscemi for the character of the slave in “Imaginary Lives”, which the seamstresses Pina Carbone, Anna Ciatto and Rosangela Galletta, they expertly recovered.

It will be precisely these fashion masterpieces that will act as the common thread of the piece which, between performances of songs, choreographies and dialogues, will retrace some of the most beautiful pages of the opera; to guide the spectators in this extraordinary journey of art and beauty, the expert musicologist Ippolita Papale and the presenter Daniela Conti, who through unpublished readings will re-present the arias in a new narrative guise bringing out important social and cultural themes such as feminicides (Carmen), the strength of human passions (Tosca and Butterfly), the dynamics that make use of seduction (Don Giovanni), the equal and different characteristics of evolving societies (The Barber of Seville).

During the performance, the seamstresses will talk about the salient phases of the restoration of the clothes. The Giostra Philharmonic Orchestra directed by Giuseppe Lo Presti will perform the arias, together with the musicians Antonio Gennaro on the piano and Luisa Grasso on the violin, who will accompany the soloists Anna Di Falco (soprano) and Davide Benigno; Claudia Bertuccelli conceived and staged the choreographies.