At the Palacultura the final of the competition of the Order of Doctors of Messina: the Messina doctors chosen by the citizens were awarded


By John

Palacultura packed with people yesterday on the occasion of the awards ceremony of the fourth edition of the Doctor's Day, the competition of the Order of surgeons and dentists of the province of Messina: there were 30 candidates, reported in recent months by the people of Messina through a special web page , who received the plaque and on the podium, thanks to the vote of the public in the room, first place was Giovanni Rizzo, who also received a check for 5,000 euros, which he decided to donate to charity. Here are the names of those who entered the “nominations”: Albano Giovanni, André Laura, Canfora Claudio (which won the award as most “reported” by users), Capillo Diego, Caruso Roberto, Crupi Domenico, Faillaci Antonio Fallo Sonia, Fiumara Concetta, Gambardella Nicola, Gibilisco Lucia, Gigante Roberto, Giuffrè Giovanna, Guadagna Eugenia, Engineers Giulia, Engineers Andrea, Labate Agata, Labate Antonino, Metro Maurizio, Nicotina Antonio, Pitrone Bruno, Raimondo Giovanni (which received the special Jury prize), Russo Giuseppe, Santacaterina Anna, Savica Attilio, Subba Giuseppe, Tamà Giuseppe and Venuto Lucia.

The jury of the Doctor's Day was made up of the secretary councilor Salvatore Rotondo, in the role of president, and the CAO president Giuseppe Renzoby the medical representative of the Order Giuseppe Zagami and dental contact Michele Tedesco, from the UniMe contact Francesco Trimarchi and by the provincial coordinator of the Messina Nord Territorial Assembly of the Tribunal of Patient Rights Giovanni Frazzica.
The event, hosted by the journalist Massimiliano Cavaleribegan with the traditional Oath Ceremony: after the opening speech of the president of the Order Giacomo Caudo and greetings from the rector Giovanna Spatari, of the president CAO Giuseppe Renzoof the vice-coordinators of the Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery, Giuseppina Rizzoand that in Dentistry Angela Militithe delivery of the 73 gold medals to the deans of the profession who have completed 50 years of graduation, the reading of the Hippocratic Oath by the 137 newly registered doctors and dentists and the parchments to 27 specialists, registered in Messina, who obtained the best score in their course.
A moment was reserved for the Foundation Paolo Ferretti ETS, chaired by Aurelio Verzera, who awarded a scholarship, consisting of the payment of the membership fee, to the youngest member of the Order, Elisa Pracanica. On the occasion of the event the presentation of a plaque in memory of Francesco Vincenzo Maniaci, doctor who tragically passed away while on his way to work, picked up by his sister Valentina. The presence of the Apulian comedian enriched the day Uccio De Santis who joked about the category in an hour of hilarious show.