Pizzo, the great achievement of Nautico: tomorrow it celebrates 150 years


By John

It is dated 8 March 1874, the royal decree as “Royal Nautical and Construction School”, qualified to train masters of large coasts and 2nd class shipbuilders… and 150 years later, tomorrow Nautico celebrates an important milestone. Over time, the Naples institute has recorded a crescendo of satisfactions, including the honor of hosting the Head of State.

Tomorrow the “celebrations” will take place at the “Teresa Panzino” auditorium from 9.30 am. Numerous guests: the director of Usr Calabria Antonella Iunti, the prefect Paolo Giovanni Grieco, the prosecutor Camillo Falvo, the commissioner Cristiano Tatarellithe regional councilor Francesco De Nisi, the mayors of Pizzo and Philadelphia, Sergio Pititto and Anna Bartucca; as well as the bishop Msgr. Attilio Nostrothe leaders of the Coast Guard, the Carabinieri and the Financial Police, as well as the university professor Antonio Viscomi and to the representative of Libera Vibo, Maria Joel Conocchiella.

The new flight simulator of the Aeronautics department will also be inaugurated. There are many possibilities that the school in via Riviera Prangi offers, and every year it continues to churn out new professionals. On the other hand, the increase in the student population is also clear proof of the attention that the Institute still arouses. Nautical graduates still represent true excellence today, managing to distinguish themselves in various fields and not just nautical. Today there will be many people who will pay tribute to the school directed by Francesco Vinci.