Balneari, Cannizzaro to Lega: “More than a symbolic act, with Occhiuto resolution real extensions in Calabria”


By John

“More than an electoral initiative or a symbolic act… the resolution on seaside resorts desired by the President of the Region, Roberto Occhiuto – and convincingly voted for in the Council also by the League – is an extremely concrete measure, on the side of Calabria and businesses. After months of uncertainty, the extensions of the concessions will be a reality in our Region”. Thus Francesco Cannizzaro, Forza Italia deputy and blue regional coordinator in Calabria.
“This will mean certainties for entrepreneurs who have invested for years in their businesses, safeguarding jobs, better receptivity for the tourists who will arrive in the coming weeks. The friends of the League, after having welcomed the approval of the resolution, they are now trying to diminish its significance.
We understand the needs dictated by the electoral campaign and the directives coming from national leaders, but a pinch of intellectual honesty would also be appreciated.
President Occhiuto could have sat on his hands waiting for regulatory interventions from above, but he instead decided to act close to the summer season and for the exclusive good of Calabria”.