Balneari, Occhiuto: “Calabria will not cede quotas of unoccupied beaches to Northern regions”


By John

“I thank Minister Salvini for his commitment on the Strait Bridge, on the Ss106, on the A2 motorway, because my regional government – also thanks to his action – has had more resources in the last 30 months than in the last 30 years.
But on regional laws and administrative acts we have demonstrated that Calabria sometimes creates jurisprudence, the latest example is the victory in the Constitutional Court against the national government's challenge which blocked the possibility of giving NCC licences”. This is what the president of the Calabria Region, Roberto Occhiuto, stated in a note.

“On the seaside resorts we simply stated that since, unlike in other regions of the North, the 'beach resource' here is not scarce – and the European Court of Justice and the Council of State have already clarified that the quantification of the 'resource' must be done at a territorial and not national level -, in Calabria the constraints of community legislation are already fully respected. Minister Salvini evidently has not read the resolution, which I will gladly send to him in the next few hours. The act of my council is fully compliant with community legislation, in Calabria the conditions for the application of the Bolkestein directive simply do not exist. Calabria, which has many free beaches, he won't give in – as someone would like – the shares of unoccupied beaches to other regions of the North. We too need to develop tourism, and for this reason, at least on this occasion, we borrow the motto of the founder of the League: masters in our own home”.