Bank of Italy, mortgage rates rise again: 4.65% in June


By John

In June interest rates on loans disbursed during the month to households for the purchase of homes including ancillary costs (Annual Global Effective Rate, APR) stood at 4.65 percent (4.58 in May). Bank of Italy notes it. The share of these loans with an initial rate fixation period of up to 1 year was 41% (29 in the previous month). The Taeg on new consumer credit disbursements stood at 9.03 per cent (10.43 in the previous month) as a result of the renegotiations carried out in the reference period. Interest rates on new loans to non-financial companies were 5.04 per cent (4.81 in the previous month), those for amounts up to 1 million euro were 5.41 per cent, while the rates on new loans exceeding this threshold stood at 4.74 per cent. Deposit rates on all outstanding deposits amounted to 0.72 per cent (0.67 in the previous month).