Birth challenge for Prime Minister Meloni. “But the rented womb is inhumane”


By John

We must counter “the false myth” proclaimed “for decades by bad teachers, according to which parenthood is something stale, an archaic, patriarchal concept”. At the same time, the State must invest to support the birth rate, and Europe “cannot consider that public spending like other expenses in our budgets”.

Giorgia Meloni thus declines the fight against demographic winter, reiterating however that tools such as gestation for others should not be considered among the solutions. «The rented uterus is an inhumane practice», insisted the Prime Minister from the stage of the event «For a young Europe. Demographic transition, environment, future”, hoping for the approval “as soon as possible” of the bill to make this form of assisted procreation a universal crime, and therefore prosecutable in Italy even if committed abroad. It might take a few weeks. Hearings on the text, presented by FdI and already approved by the Chamber at the end of July in the first reading, are underway in the Senate Justice Committee. For Meloni, the GPA fuels “a transnational market” and it is not “an act of love to consider children as a product on the counter in a supermarket, nor is it an act of love to transform the legitimate desire to have a child into a right that you can guarantee yourself with any possible means”. women and men” cannot “erase the specificity of the relationship between the mother and the father”. These are among the most applauded passages in the twenty-five minute speech at the Temple of Hadrian, where a video message from Sergio Mattarella opened the conference organized by the minister for Eugenia Roccella family. “The future of the country is measured on the ability to provide answers to the young generations – underlined the President of the Republic. The institutions must become aware of this, to implement active policies that allow young couples to realize their project life, overcoming the difficulties of a material nature and access to services that make the path to parenthood difficult”. A necessity, the head of state specified, to “implement the constitutional provisions”. For Roccella, the birth rate also generates “a new problem, loneliness”, because “it alters the structure not only of relatives but of the entire population”. «All of Europe is in demographic decline», stated the minister in front of the EU commissioners for Demography and Equality, Dubravka Suica and Helena Dalli, and it is important that, in addition to individual countries, “Europe too deal with it.” On the other hand, it is the point of view of the Minister of Economy Giancarlo Giorgetti, to make the debt “sustainable” a young Europe would be needed, while the projections “to 2050, to 2060, but also to 2040. » put us face to face with an «announced tragedy». The effects on the world of work are also worrying because, according to Minister Marina Calderone's warning, “4.5 million boomers will leave active working life in the next 4 years”. The government claims “a change of pace”. «We have opened up to the entry of immigrants into the job market like never before», says Roccella. “But we cannot think – observes Deputy Prime Minister Antonio Tajani – of making up for the demographic decline with the presence of regular migrants”. The Minister for European Affairs Raffaele Fitto proposes a “strategy” against the depopulation of internal areas. And Meloni claims that, despite the “budget difficulties inherited from cheerful management”, “2.5 billion in direct investments” have been put in place , with benefits for Italian families of 16 billion euros.”