Exploit Akademia S. Anna Messina: wins in Friuli and takes the semi-final for promotion to A1 to Game 3


By John

Cda Volley Talmassons Fvg-Akademia S. Anna Messina 1-3 (25-19, 23-25, 23-25, 21-25) series: 1-1

Talmasons: Hardeman 20, Populini 15, Piomboni 12, Bole, Eze Chidera 5, Kavalenka, Negretti, Eckl 10, Costantini 9, Grazia, Monaco (L), Feruglio. All.: Barbieri

Messina: Battista 19, Martinelli 1, Catania 12, Ciancio, Modestino 1, Mearini 3, Payne 18, Joly, Rossetto 9, Maggipinto (L), Galletti 2, Michelini, Felappi (L). All.: Bonafede

Referees: Cecconato and Stellato

The Akademia Città di Messina makes up for the misstep of the tie-break defeat in game 1 by winning game 2 of the semi-final on the Talmassons pitch. It ends 1-3 for the Messina team who lose the first set 25-19, but then, albeit with difficulty, they get back on top and taking advantage of the physical decline of the Friulian team they overturn the score by winning three sets in a row with scores of 23-25, 23- 25, 21-25. Battista takes the lead with 19 points and Payne with 18. Best of the match is Greta Catania, who scored 12 points. Having lost the first set 25-19, the Messina team did well to come back and find the right clarity in the decisive moments.

In the other semi-final Fvg Busto Arsizio resolved game 2 in three sets against Macerata. A very different match from the first leg which the Bustocche had won only in the fifth set. Macerata lost clearly (16-25, 18-25, 10-25)