Bonus Sud 2023, the new investment model: what it is and how to apply


By John

Bonus Sud 2023, the new investment model: what it is and how to apply.

With provision 188347/2023, issued by the Revenue, the possibility of requesting the bonus for investments in the South also for expenses incurred in 2023. Green light, therefore, for the electronic transmission of applications for all entrepreneurs who have already made a series of investments in these first few months of the year. The initial deadline for transmission is set by the provision as June 8, 2023.

Tax credits and areas of application

It should be recalled that the application form concerns the use of tax credits for investments in the South, referred to in article 1, paragraphs 98 to 108, of Law 208/2015, in the Special Economic Zones (Zes), of which in article 5 of Legislative Decree 91/2017, converted, with amendments, by law 123/2017, and in the simplified logistics zones (Zls), referred to in article 1, paragraphs from 61 to 65-bis, of law 205/2017 .

The news of the new model

The new model highlights a difference compared to previous versions. In the new format it is possible to disclose only investments made in 2023, investments made in previous years can no longer be reported. This implies a change for companies that need to remodulate any bonus already granted during 2022. For this purpose, it will be necessary to send two different electronic forms: a first to correct the old model, and a new one to request recognition of the bonus for deferred investments to 2023.

The old model and the provisions for investments exceeding 150,000 euros

The old application model can continue to be used no later than next December 31 exclusively to request the incentive accrued until 2022. The provisions do not change for those who, even in 2023, make an investment that involves the accrual of a credit tax exceeding 150,000 euros.

Investments in Zes and Zls

As highlighted in the introduction, the new model will also be usable for investments made in Zes and Zls. In these areas, the subsidized investments also include building land and buildings.