Bonus up to 200 euros for green appliances? Here’s who would be entitled to it


By John

A 30% contribution of the purchase cost of the ‘green’ appliances in the three-year period 2023-2025, with a maximum of 100 euros for each deviceraised to 200 euros for families with an ISEE below 25,000 euros. The Productive Activities Commission of the Chamber tries to tighten the examination of the bill that proposes to introduce new purchase incentives of highly energy-efficient household appliances, with the simultaneous recycling of obsolete appliances.

Project objectives

The proposal, put forward by the Leaguehas the triple objective of lowering the household bills thanks to more efficient household appliances, promote the recovery of those no longer usable, and give impetus to the electronics and household appliances sectorsuffering in recent years.

Auditions and evaluations

The informal hearings on the project should be concluded in the next few days, to then allow the examination of the measure to be concluded by the 10th commission of Montecitoriobefore the summer. After Confesercentiwho asked to extend the contribution to businesses, Aire (the association that brings together companies and specialized distribution groups of household appliances and consumer electronics, adhering to Confcommercio) expressed appreciation for the proposed measure, but hoped that the incentives «may be more significant» in economic terms. But it is precisely the issue of covers the main knot to untie.

Financial coverage

The act requests the establishment, in the budget forecast of the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security, of a fund with an endowment of 400 million euros for each of the years 2023, 2024 and 2025. “I am having discussions with the Ministry of Economy and Finance to see if we can find the resources. I am moderately optimistic,” said the president of the commission, Alberto Luigi Gusmerolias well as the first signatory of the bill. «But we can also make smaller amounts to start» the incentiveshe added.

Details on appliance requirements

Meanwhile, the proposal specifies that the contribution is granted for the purchase of household appliances. energy class not lower than class A for washing machines and washer-dryers; class C for dishwashers; to class D for refrigerators and freezers. The 30% contribution – always up to a maximum of 200 euros for families with a lower ISEE – would also be made available for the purchase of a single household appliance for each of the energy categories listed.