Trame 13, a “sowing” of ideas, enthusiasms, revolutions


By John

The city of Lamezia Terme was, once again, the open-air stage of the Festival of books on the mafia, Trame, which for thirteen years has hosted the protagonists of the debate on illegality and the infiltration of the mafia in society, politics and the legal economy.. «It was an extraordinary edition. Very well attended, inclusive, with many guests. The crowded square and the other places always crossed by people demonstrate how much Trame is a heritage of this city», commented the journalist John Titian artistic director of the festival for three years.

«Now in its thirteenth edition, Trame has maintained the enthusiasm and curiosity of its origins and has put into play the experience of its long journey – said the president of the Trame ETS foundation Nuccio Iovene –. The languages ​​used in the festival, which has lasted six days since last year, have multiplied, moving from art to photography, from readings to theatrical performances, from music to books, from documentaries to films, from testimonies to data, always reasoning on the theme of the fight against the mafia and the construction of a freer society. The meetings and companions along the way have grown, both among sponsors and collaborations, with an increasingly broad participation not only individual but also of collective subjects. Finally, and this is the thing that struck me most, in this edition there were many participants who remembered how when they were young they had the opportunity to follow the festival, an experience that had a positive impact on them and to which they remained fond. To them too, therefore, and to all those who followed us in these intense days, a thank you for their presence».

Thousands of people attended every day among the fifty events in the three traditional locations of the festival, to which this year, for the first time, other places were added: Piazza Mazzini, the Central Station, the Courthouse and the Teatro Costabile in Lamezia Terme. The festival was also particularly followed through the official social channels of Trame, and the YouTube channel totaled 11,014 views.

Among the most interesting and attractive novelties of Trame13, the exhibition «Visioni Civiche – L’arte ritornata. Dalle opere confiscate alle mafie al bene comune», in collaboration with the Metamorfosi association, open until July 28th in the spaces of the Museo Archeologico Lametino.

During the festival, the report “Administrators under fire” drawn up by the association Avviso Pubblico Enti locali e Regioni contro mafie e democrazia (Public Notice Local Authorities and Regions against mafia and corruption), the annual Ecomafia report by Legambiente in national preview, and the report “RimanDATI” produced by the Associazione Libera were presented, also present with a stand with the products of the social cooperatives that manage assets confiscated from the mafia.
“Thanks to everyone, from the volunteers to the staff, to the guests – said Tizian -. But above all to all the people who have passed through the many places of the festival. A story that leaves a trace for future memory”. Appointment in June 2025.