Brings the tourist tax into force: resolution signed by the commissioners


By John

It's official: from June 1st, the so-called tourist tax will also be paid in Rende. The decision was confirmed by the three commissioners who approved, in this sense, a resolution of at least two years previously that was still at a standstill. Months of meetings and sharing between hoteliers, administrators and category representatives. The expected revenue? It is not yet clear but a fairly large sum could arrive in the budget. In 2023, just to mention a figure that could be projected into 2024, around 130 thousand visitors “stayed” in the city. Not bad. “The Tourist Tax is established on the basis of the provisions set out in the art. 4 of Legislative Decree no. 23 of 14 March 2011, the related revenue is intended to finance the interventions, foreseen in the budget forecast of the Municipality of Rende regarding tourism, including those to support accommodation facilities, the maintenance, use and recovery of cultural and environmental assets, as well as local public services,” they write Giuffrè, Albertini and Correale in the Council resolution signed on May 2nd. The tax is paid for each overnight stay in accommodation facilities, up to a maximum of seven consecutive overnight stays in the calendar year as long as they are carried out in the same accommodation facility.