Messina, president Sciotto and Modica together in Barcelona. With them also… Bonina


By John

Messina's ownership must decide whether to confirm the men who, in any case, allowed the team to experience a calm championship that exceeded expectations or whether to opt for the revolution with all that would follow, in practice doing everything all over again and throwing away the work done in the tournament just concluded. In recent days, president Pietro Sciotto has met coach Giacomo Modica more than once away from the city and, therefore, from prying eyes, not so far away, however, given that the two were immortalized in a meeting place in Spadafora and yesterday they were seen together at the d'Alcontres for the Igea Virtus match. Among the two also the president Immacolato Bonina, who joked at length with Modica. The Barcelona entrepreneur has been close to Messina this season with commercial agreements. Bonina was also with Sciotto in Catania, is it possible to join with a role in the company?

Everything, therefore, suggests that the extension is only a matter of days and, what is worrying, is precisely the management of time by the president who, notoriously, is not a specialist in quick decisions. Less problematic seems to be the renewal of sporting director Domenico Roma who will follow the playoff match between Picerno and Crotone tomorrow. Silence is golden but up to a certain point. Sciotto was struck by the fierce protest against him at the end of the championship by organized fans but there were much more difficult moments in his long management. Compared to last season, the fact that the team's registration will have to be completed in less than a month, with 4 June being the deadline, should facilitate the speed of negotiations.
After coach and sporting director, the club will also be able to work on its members, starting from a base of five elements, three of which have a transfer market. These are Emmausso, who has long been in the sights of Trapani but not only, and then the young Salvo and Frisenna who, moreover, have changed the historical prosecutors by relying on agencies.