Calabria, gives approval to new wind and photovoltaic plants. Sgarbi: “Serious mistake”


By John

The Calabria Region paves the way for new “large” wind and photovoltaic plants and the Undersecretary for Culture Vittorio Sgarbi he brands the decision “a serious mistake”. Sgarbi explains: “That the Calabria Region can only get worse is clear from the announcement of the plan to increase large-scale photovoltaic and wind power plants. One could have hoped that after years of incorrect speculation Calabria would focus on its natural beauty, on the landscape, however, the opposite is true. The increase in plants is indicated in the preliminary report launched by the council last August in updating the ‘Integrated energy and climate plan’ to define ‘energy strategies for the coming years’: ‘The Priec – we read – will promote the increase in energy production from renewable sources not only in the electricity sector, but also in the thermal and transport sectors'”. Sgarbi invites the Calabria Region to follow the example of Lazio “where its President has decided to suspend all authorizations for photovoltaic and wind energy having verified that the Region is already saturated with respect to the objectives indicated by an indifferent and homologated Europe, as if each nation were identical. The Landscape – concludes the undersecretary of MiC – is one of those fundamental elements of our heritage for which millions of visitors choose Italy as a tourist destination. If we destroy the landscape, why come to Italy? How can we pretend not to know that the main stimulus, before the monuments, is the beauty of its landscape?”.