Catanzaro and that hand to be erased, the Giallorossi want to react immediately


By John

Character is not lacking and this is already a valid reason to expect a reaction in Bari. Catanzaro has been getting back on its feet for years after a setback. In some ways, even the attitude shown against Parma, at least until the guests scored the fourth goal, gives hope: the team launched forward after each of the Emilians’ first three centres, with courage, as if the backlash had been suffered in a limited way. Once the poker was cashed in there was nothing more to be done, but nothing can be attributed to the commitment and intentions of the players.
It is clear that the 5-0 can leave a lot of waste in a group unaccustomed to defeats, but Vivarini is an experienced coach and has many experienced players, therefore theoretically capable of showing pride and getting back up immediately. Brighenti, Krajnc, Scognamillo, Iemmello, Donnarumma, Vandeputte himself: they will be the ones who will have to pull the others in a hostile context like the “San Nicola”.
The knockout can become healthy. The previous ones always have been. The last tournament, which was overwhelmingly dominated, was the most striking example: the series records, the promotion obtained in the winter and with five days to spare, the desire to continue playing and winning even when the goal was within reach were the product – by reaction – of the defeat in the playoff semi-final in Padua, a few months earlier. Also thanks to that result seen as a wrong – a non-decision by the VAR on the 1-1 partial score for the Venetians – the players came together by making a pact: let’s meet in retreat and take what they took from us, they said to each other. The subsequent path was the consequence, obviously made possible by the strength of the staff set up by the company and the mastery with which Vivarini prepared him and allowed him to express himself.
Head, heart, technique and tactics, determination. From this last aspect, the training sessions started yesterday will be fundamental for working on the mistakes made. The technique was already there and it doesn’t go away for a 5-0. The heart and the head are present and connected, but they will have to have the support of all the other components: the coach and his staff with their work, the players themselves, starting from the senators of the group, with what they will perform on the field, perhaps with more determination than the one shown against Parma: one fact from the big match is eloquent, namely the four yellow cards among the guests against the only one among the Giallorossi (Scognamillo on the penalty). At the “San Nicola” the Giallorossi will not be alone even if the Gos of the Bari police station will meet on Thursday at 6 pm, so the start of the presale for the away sector will not arrive before tomorrow evening: however, we can putting your hand in the fire, the songs and applause at 5-0 are an insurance. The most recent examples of redemption give rise to hope. It is no longer Serie C and Catanzaro is not the strongest of all, but it has all the qualities to start again. Even on a historically difficult pitch like Bari and against an opponent who came close to promotion in June.