Videos and images of the dirty sea in Fuscaldo, the Municipality reports two people for causing alarm


By John

Quality of bathing water, the Municipality defends itself and reports two people for causing alarm. The municipal administration starts first of all from an official data: the Ministry of Health together with Arpacal, have cataloged the bathing of Fuscaldian waters, in “Excellent” level. This data he explains “is easily found on the Ministry of Health website”.
The “indicted” video. “After a lot of effort and attention, however, it happens that someone shoots a video off the coast of Fuscaldi, in the northern area, which depicts some brown patches, shouting scandal and classifying that patch as a sewer “by eye”. The Municipality of Fuscaldo, having learned of the incident and in particular the environmental councillor, immediately went to the area to take a sample of the substance, which in the meantime had approached the shore, in order to have it analysed, the only operation to perform in similar situations.
“The waters – adds the administration – were not smelly. The result obtained in the meantime? Impressive damage to the organisation’s image. It is precisely for this reason that it would always be desirable, every time photos or, even worse, sentences are published on social media, to forward the report to the Municipality, the Harbor Office or the Region. It will then be our concern, or the bodies in charge, to carry out samples and analyze the water.”
The organization then speaks of a false alarm which: “has caused very serious and unjustified damage to our image.
The same thing can be said of the video present on social media this morning and shot in the Ponte di Ferro area, in which brown water was portrayed at the mouth of the stream that flows nearby. Even in this case, everyone was ready to cry scandal, without knowing that it was a completely natural phenomenon, that is, the foam produced by the strong waves of the current storm.”
The administration claims that it is looking for “sensationalist scoops”. Judgments are made and thrown “to social media. An almost offensive, disrespectful and unfair practice towards those who are demonstrating in practice that they care about the territory they administer”.
Then he announces: “and it is precisely for this reason that we have given a mandate to our lawyers to sue the lawyer Granata and Dr. Trotta, who have become protagonists of defamatory and untrue posts and accusations which damage the good name of Fuscaldo and of all the people of Fuscaldi”.
Finally, it is noted that “this does not mean that our sea is perfect and immune to criticism every day. If we thought this we would not invest so much in the search for illegal waste, which continues unabated, and in purification.
The message we want to send is another: the accusations do not contribute to improving the situation but only to creating chaos, in the majority of cases” Report with common sense, to the competent bodies, in the right time, and above all with respect for those who are working assiduously.
The analyzes that will be carried out will dispel any doubts.”