Calabria, the Pd group questions Occhiuto on the state of the art for the implementation of telemedicine projects in internal areas (SNAI)


By John

“The implementation of telemedicine interventions, especially through projects focused in the areas for the implementation of the National Strategy for Internal Areas (SNAI), especially in Calabria, represents a step forward in the provision of remote healthcare services in regions characterized by specific critical issues in the system. In these territories, access to traditional health services can often be limited due to distance, geographical isolation or mobility difficulties. We want to remember this right now, to ask the president of the regional council what the state of the art is of the works aimed at carrying out the interventions in the identified areas”. This is what the regional councilor of the Democratic Party says Amalia Bruni, vice president of the “Health” commission in the Regional Council.

“We have filed, together with colleagues from the council group, a question with a request for a written response to find out what initiatives President Occhiuto intends to take to achieve the implementation of interventions for access to Telemedicine services in the Municipalities of the affected areas and for those that allow them. the start, remembering that the presumed spending commitment, as foreseen in the relevant intervention sheets, is over 2,000,000.00 euros from the funds insured by the State Budget Laws and from the funds deriving from regional co-financing through FSC allocations”.

All interventions should have already been completed for the Grecanica Area and the Reventino-Savuto Area by 2023 and that as foreseen in the Pre-Sila and Sila Cosenza and Crotone Area, the interventions must be completed by the current year 2024: none of the procedures for the implementation activities have been started as foreseen by the timetable”, explains the vice president again of the “Health” commission in the Regional Council.

“We are therefore waiting for clarification on the matter – concludes councilor Bruni -. I would just like to remind President Occhiuto that the implementation of these interventions, in addition to determining a significant increase in the levels of assistance in the internal areas, in cases of emergency/urgency, contributes to a significant advancement of the expenditure, currently irrelevant, for the implementation of SNAI in our Region”.