Reggio, the case of the fake Georgian courier and the thefts: the real courier reports the damage


By John

It has been circulating on social media and in some WhatsApp group chats for days now the image of a man in sportswear, identified as a fake Amazon courier of Georgian origins.

“IMPORTANT NOTICE – This person is wandering around central Reggio posing as a courier for Amazon, complete with a fake package. In reality he is a Georgian who identifies potential “preys” for apartment burglaries or robberies. Call 112 or 113 immediately if necessary.” This is the alert connected to the message which invites anyone who meets him to contact the emergency numbers because he would be a person responsible for apartment burglaries and robberies.

“Well – explains the lawyer Michele Fabio Gagliano – the reality of the facts is very different and outlines dangerous scenarios regarding extremely denigrating and mystifying social hate campaigns. The person in question is an Italian citizen, resident in Reggio Calabria who regularly works at a postal company and who, due to this erroneous and aberrant chain of communication, was forced to file a complaint with the competent authoritiesto defend its image and reputation.

For days, in fact, he has no longer been free and serene in conducting his daily life. It often happens that he is stopped by passers-by, some simply curious and others frightened, that he is looked at with suspicion and that he is even forced to provide “justifications” regarding the abuse of his image and the illegitimate damage to his reputation.

The investigations will take their course – states the lawyer – the incident will be clarified and the individuals or individuals responsible for this ignoble gesture will be identified. Using footage from some security cameras to then artificially create a completely false and denigrating message, forwarded over and over again on mobile devices and social channels, integrates, in fact, relevant profiles of responsibility both in civil and criminal matters” .