Calabria: the Region allocates 10 million for the protection of native animal breeds


By John

Promote the sprotection of native animal breeds present in the regional territorystarting from the Podolica cow. This is the objective of the announcement published on the portal (Agriculture Department section). “It is – comments the regional councilor for agriculture Gianluca Gallo – a measure aimed at safeguarding the regional livestock heritage threatened by extinction. This concerns, in particular, the breed “Podolian” for the bovine species, of the “Nicastrese“, “Rustic from Calabria” And “Aspromonte” as regards the goat species, of the “Apulian-Calabrian” with reference to pigs, of the breeds “Ragusa” and of “Martina Franca“in relation to equines, of the “Gentile di Puglia” for the sheep species””Protecting these breeds is fundamental – adds Gallo -, because this also translates into a defense of the identity and history of the Calabrian territories, as well as a tool to combat the hydrogeological instability of the hills and mountains, where these animals graze. For this reason, in continuity with the 2014-2022 programming, it was decided to gprovide support to breeders who are committed to conservation work, with the aim of protecting animal biodiversity”. The aid, aimed at containing reductions in profitability caused by higher costs or lower revenues, is reserved for breeders – individually or in association – or other public and private entities that own active structures in Calabria, registered in the agricultural companies registry. The financial endowment is equal to 10 million for the four-year period, therefore 2 and a half million for the current year. Applications must be submitted exclusively electronically via the Sian portal, by 31 July 2024, under penalty of reduction of the amount of the prize.