Car overwhelms seven pedestrians in New York: a 34-year-old Italian tourist is seriously injured


By John

There are also two Italian tourists among the seven people run over and injured in Manhattan by a woman who didn’t stop after running a red light in Manhattan between West 36th and 6th Avenue. And the Italian tourist is the one hospitalized in the most serious conditions. The incident took place yesterday around midnight. The seven people were crossing the strip when a black Honda Accord, with New Jersey plates, ran over them. The 29-year-old motorist who fled to Queens along the Long Island Expressway was arrested. Before being stopped by the police, she had been in another accident, this time with another car, but without serious consequences. She tested, she tested negative for alcohol. Police did not provide further details.

Whether it was a deliberate act of terrorism or an accident is unknown, but the scene that confronted the rescuers was frightening. “There was blood everywhere – said Connor Hopkins, a filmmaker who was nearby – I thought there had been a shooting”. The two Italians who were injured, as reported by the Voce di New York, are Matteo Maj, 51, and Giulia Gardani, 34, from Piacenza. The two, he a graphic designer, she a federal tennis instructor and former competitive player, were in the United States for a trip that had taken them first to Chicago and then to Boston. They should have returned to Italy today. Maj underwent surgery on his face, to heal the fractures, and today he should undergo another operation, on his legs, while the woman is in more serious conditions, due to the fracture of some cervical vertebrae. The tourist was admitted to Bellevue Hospital.