Messina, the president of Federfiori Tomasello: “Zes is a great opportunity to seize”


By John

The date of the elections for the new president of Confcommercio Messina is still uncertain. A little over a month after the vote, which by statute should take place within the second half of September, the outgoing president Carmel Picciotto, the only person in charge of doing so, has not yet lifted his reservations, both on the “call to vote” and on his own candidacy. A rebus, awaited by all the merchants of Messina and the province registered with Confcommercio, which should be resolved in the coming weeks, but which today only sees the official presentation of Paolo TomaselloPicciotto’s deputy from 2018 to 2021, founder of Tecnoarredoflora and president of Federfiori Messina.
Tomasello, who in 2021 was one of the 8 directors and majority shareholders to sign the no confidence in the historic president Picciotto, meanwhile welcomes the approval of the European Union to establish a single Zes (Special Economic Zone) for all the regions of the South. A request arrived from the Italian government: «A modification that will represent a new and real attempt to obtain concrete results, in the face of the not always brilliant ones obtained in recent years. The objective of this proposal always remains the same: to attract new investors and to grow entrepreneurial development.