Car tax, new discounts and benefits are coming for Sicilians. Falcone: “Boom in collections confirmed, over 400 million in 2023”


By John

A 10 percent discount on car tax for Sicilian motorists in good standing, to which a further 10 percent discount can be added for taxpayers who choose to direct direct debit the car tax. These are the main innovations developed by the Department of Economy which will be introduced by the art. 29 of the 2024 Regional Budget, approved by the Budget Commission of the Sicilian Regional Assembly where the examination of the maneuver is underway. Also ready to open a new window for the “Stamp rag” measurement: until 30 June 2024, once the rule comes into force with the final vote of Palazzo dei Normanni, it will be possible to pay the car tax arrears expiring between 1 January 2016 and 31 December 2022 without penalties and interest.

«The new benefits desired by the Schifani government – states the regional councilor for the economy Marco Falcone – intend to strengthen the sharply increasing trend in car tax revenues for Sicily. 2023 will be a record year, with over 400 million euros in revenue already as of November 30, numbers that will certainly grow with the data for the current month. The “Straccia bollo”, to which today we add discounts of a structural nature for those who have complied – underlines Falcone – has served on the one hand to recover a significant amount of car tax evasion, on the other to communicate better with the taxpayers called upon to remedy their position without costs or further burdens».

In detail, as of November 30, the regional Finance Department recorded collections totaling almost 401 million euros, 20 percent more than the figure for November 2022 (around 335 million euros). In turn, the numbers from last year, the year of the launch of the “Straccia bollo” in Sicily, had certified an increase in revenue for the Region of 33 percent compared to 2021, when the final figure was 251 million euros .