Cassano, Nicola Fioravante Abbruzzese is not to be considered a “dangerous subject”


By John

Nicola Fioravante Abbruzzese is not to be considered a dangerous individual. In reference to the latest news that has appeared, the lawyer Antonio Marino would like to point out that his client was not subjected to any type of constraint limiting his freedom and that it is wrong to state that he is “no longer” a dangerous person because there was no judicial provision certifying this qualification. The reality of the facts tells that the Catanzaro DDA, towards Nicola Fioravante Abbruzzese, considering him to be a subject capable of any criminal action and, therefore, extremely dangerous, had proposed to the Court of Catanzaro – Prevention Measures Section, the application, against him, of both the personal prevention measure of special public security surveillance, aggravated from the obligation to stay in the municipality of residence for 5 years, as well as from the patrimonial prevention measure of the confiscation of all his assets and those of his family unit. Requests for which the Court of Catanzaro, in recent days, accepted the defender’s reasons, categorically excluding the existence of any of the conditions for applying the serious prevention measures requested by the Catanzaro DDA.