Russia, six ISIS prisoners armed with knives killed. They had taken two prison guards hostage in Rostov


By John

The six knife-wielding ISIS prisoners who took two prison guards hostage in the pre-trial detention center in the Rostov region, Russia, have been killed. The Russian agencies write it. The hostages are unharmed. “During a special operation (…) the criminals were eliminated and the employees taken hostage were released and were not injured,” the penitentiary services reported in a statement, Interfax and Tass write.

The inmates had asked to have a car and to be able to leave the prison freely. According to a law enforcement source cited by Tass, ISIS members must appear in court on charges of “terrorism”. Russia has repeatedly been the target of attacks claimed by the jihadist organisation: the latest dates back to March 22 when some armed men opened fire in a concert hall near Moscow, killing at least 144 people and wounding hundreds.