Catania, the Messina band “The Windfall” enhance contemporary sounds with handpan, violin and voice


By John

With the new single “A land for animals” with fascinating new wave-ambient evocations just released in digital stores, he arrives in Catania “The Windfall”, musical project by the Messina duo Gianluca Gugliotta and the violinist Giovanni Alibrandi which for this piece also involves Eliana Mazzei. On Friday 18 May (9pm), the three of them will be the guests of the last concert of “Intermittenze, a review of transversal music”, a review curated by Mario Gulisano (Darshan cultural association) with the coordination of Maurizio Cuzzocrea (Areasud).

The new single is combined with a fascinating video with images of animals taken in their natural environment through the four elements of air, water, earth and fire. An eloquent message of love and respect for all life forms on Earth. The video is HERE.

The idea that animates “The Windfall” is that of contemporary music with a strong evocative capacity – halfway between Celtic and new wave sounds – also thanks to the use of unusual instruments such as the handpan, born around 2000 in Bern thanks to two Swiss artisans and since then, after some modifications and improvements, spread throughout the world ; the dulcimer, a plucked string instrument present in Mediterranean and Eastern European cultures; and like the udu, a jug-shaped drum of African origin. To these are added flute and violin. Electric guitars, drum machines and suggestions generated by analog synths are no strangers to the project.

Several live shows have led them so far to perform in very suggestive festivals and locations in line with the extremely evocative characteristic of the project. Concerts often accompanied by video projections linked to travel and nature in its perpetual change, which accompany the spectator on a sort of sensorial journey wandering between the 4 natural elements.

“The project “The Windfall” – explains Gianluca Gugliotta, a trained cartoonist – was born from the need to give life to a sort of itinerant creative concept, where music blends with other artistic expressions, such as visual art, painting, sculpture and dance, to create a sort of container of different sensorial perceptive experiences linked to the essence of nature and travel”.

At the end of the review, the curator Mario Gulisano underlines that: “Intermittenze, much followed and appreciated, represented an excellent showcase for local and international productions, exclusively presenting unpublished works and formations in Sicily. We are also very satisfied with the positive impact we have had on young people as well as on our usual audience, which gives us hope not only for the next edition of the event, but also in general for an entire sector, that of music and live shows , recovering strongly everywhere.”