Cateno De Luca attacks: “In Messina the League is assailed by a delirium of omnipotence. They are in the Council thanks to us”


By John

“I am astonished to learn of the attack by the municipal councilors of the League of Messina Cantello, Centofanti, Restuccia, Rotondo and Villari, through a statement that does not reflect the implementation methods of the role of the municipal councilors in question at Palazzo Zanca. In fact, it is well known that the aforementioned city councilors have never spoken in the city council to support an articulated position on the merits of the items on the agenda“. This was stated by the leader of the South calls the North and the mayor of Taormina Cateno De Luca replying to the statements of the councilors of the League of Messina.

“Now assailed by the delirium of omnipotence for the seat they have conquered with an agreement that united the devil and holy water against De Luca, they would try in vain to take on the appearance of politicians. Voters know that in particular, Restuccia and Rotondo were elected on our lists, while Cantello was loaned to the League to allow him to reach the 5% threshold.

Out of modesty I am silent on the reasons that pushed the councilors Restuccia, Rotondo and Cantello to do the classic quail leap, but it would be enough in the case of the good Mirco Cantello to look towards Giardini Naxos to understand that the designation of his brother Ivano as councilor in that municipality it was the squalid bargaining chip that I rejected to the sender when it was provocatively proposed to me for the municipality of Taormina. History teaches that sooner or later building developers come to a bad end and the growth of a political force is not measured by the buying and selling of councilors or by representatives in institutions chasing the best bidder, but by the consensus that at every electoral competition attests its credibility .

South calls North is the first political force in Sicily like it or not and we do not lack the courage, as I have already demonstrated in the Monza Brianza college, to face bare-knuckle competitions against the tanks deployed by the usual mafia political leopards. Compared to the gratuitous accusations against Mayor Basile – concludes De Luca – the great results that Messina is achieving and will continue to achieve speak for themselves”