Catanzaro, meeting between the mayor and the leaders of the US: “Balance of the season and eyes focused on the future to plan the structural works at Ceravolo”


By John

An institutional comparison to take stock of the season that has just ended and lay the foundations for future planning regarding the structural redevelopment of the Ceravolo Stadium. Mayor Nicola Fiorita received the president of Us Catanzaro at Palazzo De Nobili, Floriano Notoaccompanied by the general director Diego Foresti and the sports director Giuseppe Magalini, to define the next objectives along the long-lasting path of collaboration between the administration and society. They then also held discussions with the city councilors meeting in the Sports Commission.
“The one that has just ended was a Serie B championship which saw Catanzaro achieve prestigious, in many ways surprising, results, managing to gain consensus and recognition at almost all levels”, commented mayor Fiorita. “Thanks to a gestion and careful planning that has brought our fans back to exalt themselves around their team, uniting each generation and rekindling the love that has always revolved around football in the city. An immeasurable affection that has its temple in the “Ceravolo”: this year, with unthinkable efforts, we managed to adapt the stadium and the pitch to the standards required by Lega B with results also appreciated by the experts”.
The mayor spoke thus regarding the next steps: “Now the new challenge will be to plan the other larger and structural interventions, essential to better welcome the fans and make the facility more usable, especially with reference to the two corners. There is also the chapter relating to the coverage of the stands which is another important piece, both in terms of safety and energy impact, destined to move hand in hand with the overall project. On the table are the six million euros that the Calabria Region announced ahead of time, it is essential to be able to define the times and methods of transferring these resources. Excluding the possibility of carrying out works next summer, once the allocation has been ascertained, an initial timetable will have to be established, in agreement with the company, given the complexity of the works. We are confident – concluded Fiorita – that this second, even more ambitious challenge will also see us fully committed alongside Catanzaro to give the city a new leap forward”.