Taiwan: “62 Chinese military planes around the island”. Beijing: “President Lai wants war”


By John

Taipei's Defense Ministry said Friday evening that 62 Chinese aircraft were detected around Taiwan during the second day of Beijing's military drills. “Since 7.14am today (11.14pm GMT Thursday), we have detected 62 aircraft, of which 47 have crossed the median line,” the ministry said in a statement, referring to the line that divides the Taiwan Strait in two.

China: “President Lai pushes Taiwan towards war”

The Chinese Defense Ministry accused Taiwan President Lai of pushing the island towards “war”. Since taking office, Lai “has seriously questioned the principle of one China”, “tried to resort to force to achieve independence and to rely on foreign countries to achieve independence, which pushes our Taiwanese compatriots in a dangerous situation of war and danger,” spokesman Wu Qian said. “Every time Taiwan independence provokes us, we will push our countermeasures one step further, until we achieve the complete reunification of the motherland.”